Tuesday, August 14, 2012

C5601: Assignment 2



Haze is a major air pollution problem in Malaysia. Find information about previous haze in Malaysia and identify:
             a.  API index of haze episode and identify the air pollution that contribute to haze  (7 marks)
             b. Cause and sources of the haze episode (8 marks)
             c.  Effect of the haze episode (8 marks)
             d. How to control and prevent haze (10 marks) 

 Report must include:
             a.  Introduction (2 marks)
             b. Conclusion (2 marks) 
             c. Referrence (1 marks) 
             d. Article @ News about haze in Malaysia (2 marks)

Spacing: 1.5

Date of Submit: 4/09/2012 before 8.30am 

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