Thursday, November 10, 2011



Instruction: Answer all the question.

1. What is heartwood:
A. Dead tissue/cell, provide mechanical support to the tree
B. Containing cell
C. A thin layer inside than bark
D. Centre of the log

2. Type of Clay brick
i. Common bricks
ii. Facing bricks
iii. Engineering bricks
iv. Block brick

A. ii, ii and iv
B. i, ii and iii
C. i, ii and iv
D. ii and iii

3. Cast Iron also can use as below EXCEPT:
A. Parts of pumps
B. Pipes to some extent
C. Used in construction
D. Parts of motors and engines

4. Paint is any ____________ composition which after application to a substrate in a thin layers is converted to an opaque solid film.
A. Solid or semi solid
B. Solid or gas
C. Liquid or gas
D. Liquid, liquefiable or mastic

5. Test for aggregate is:
A. Setting time
B. Silt test
C. Slump test
D. Vebe test

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