Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Exercise: Brick

1. Identify and differentiate types of brick and sizes:

  • Clay Brick
  • Cement Brick
  • Cement Block

2. Identify and differentiate uses of cut bricks:

  • Define queen closer
  • Define king closer
  • Define bevelled closer
  • Define three quarter bat
  • Define half bat
  • Describe different parts and sizes of bricks.

3. Explain different parts and sizes of bricks.

a) Determine Header face

b) Determine Stretcher face

c) Determine Frog

d) Determine Arris

4. Explain terms in brick work.

  • header and stretcher course
  • vertical joint
  • Bed joints
  • quoin
  • stop end
  • toothing
  • racking

5. Determine the bond in brickwork

  • Stretcher bond
  • English bond
  • Flemish bond.

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